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Child & Adolescent
Psychiatry Academy

Workshop: Psychedelics

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Academy

Mental illness in pediatric patients is unique and requires treatment strategies that may differ from those in adults. Adverse childhood experiences and psychiatric comorbidities may complicate differential diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment, requiring a more nuanced clinical approach to manage optimally. Leading experts will discuss the impact of adverse childhood experiences and comorbidities, including mood disorders, insomnia, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, on treatment strategies in the pediatric population.

Pre-Conference Workshop: Psychedelics

There is a growing body of evidence indicating that hallucinogens, including psychedelics, empathogens/entactogens, and dissociative agents may have therapeutic effects on mental health. However, there are risks and challenges to consider when incorporating these substances into clinical practice. Experts in the field examine the evidence for therapeutic benefits of psychedelics and other hallucinogens and discuss strategies to mitigate challenges of using these as treatments for mental health disorders.

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