Synapse 2023 Overview


Offering essential mental health and psychopharmacology education for all members of the care team!

At the 2023 NEI Synapse clinicians from all over the world will come together to examine breakthroughs in mental healthcare, discuss treatment advances, and share insights that are clinically relevant to their practice.

At NEI Synapse, our exceptional faculty share their unique professional experiences and cutting-edge knowledge and research in engaging presentations and Q&A sessions.

Who Should Attend?

Psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, psychologists, pharmacists, social workers, and all other healthcare team members who want high science education simplified in a learner-friendly format, enhanced by unmatched animation and excellent production value.

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“I've had patients who have had full blown schizophrenia for 30 years. I've changed their meds based on what I've learned at Synapse and they're now working.”

“Sessions at Synapse provide information that you can actually use in real life. I feel like you can approach the speakers and ask them questions. They even encourage it.”

“I think this conference presents something that you cannot get at others. Exceptional content and the mode of delivery.”

“The education is mixed with humor. The showmanship with the videos is fantastic and what they teach stays with you.”

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