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About NEI Synapse

NEI Synapse was launched in 2016 as an event to address advances in the intersection between neuroscience and clinical practice. Now in its seventh year, Synapse has grown to become a spring event that attracts practitioners from all over the world to come together to examine breakthroughs in care, discuss treatment advancements, and share clinically relevant insights, making it the perfect complement to NEI’s flagship conference, NEI Congress.

NEI Synapse Over the Years

About the Neuroscience Education Institute (NEI)

Since its inception in 2000, NEI has distinguished itself from other continuing medical education companies by providing high-quality, visually engaging, evidence-based, and fair and balanced activities designed to help increase the competence of health care professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric and neurologic disease states.

NEI was founded by award-winning author and psychiatrist Dr. Stephen M. Stahl, who had the desire to help more patients by helping the professionals who treated them. Today, more than 50,000 mental health professionals continually return to neiglobal.com to receive their continuing education and satisfy their need for professional growth.