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Suicide Risk Among Patients Hospitalized With Psychiatric Illness
October 26, 2023   

Fifteen to thirty percent of patients with a history of concussion present with persistent postconcussion symptoms. Individuals with persistent postconcussion symptoms are at greater risk of developing depressive symptoms. In a recent meta-analysis of...
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Diagnostic Criteria for Risk of Progression From Mild or Moderate to Severe Alcohol Use Disorder
October 19, 2023   

Predicting the development of severe alcohol use disorder is difficult and opened the door for longitudinal research opportunities to assess the best practices for approaching individuals who may be at risk for developing alcohol use disorder...
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Substance-Induced Psychosis Tied to Schizophrenia Risk
October 17, 2023   

individuals without a history of psychosis were assessed for the likelihood of transitioning to schizophrenia following an episode of substance-induced psychosis....
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AAFP Updates Alcohol Use Practice Manual
October 8, 2023   

The AAFP has recently published an updated practice manual on addressing alcohol and other substance use, with a focus on ‘screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment....
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Genetic Link Between Eating Disorders and Alcohol Use
October 2, 2023   

Previous research has shown a connection between eating disorders and alcohol use disorders in adults and middle adolescents, but a recent study focused on late adolescents aged 18 years using data from the Child and Adolescent Twin Study in Sweden (CATSS)...
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Injection Drug Use Frequency Before and After Take-Home Naloxone Training
August 17, 2023   

Naloxone, a medication designed to quickly reverse opioid overdose, binds to opioid receptors, and can reverse and block the effects of other opioids, including heroin and oxycodone. Take-home naloxone (THN) programs provide overdose response education and naloxone supply to people at risk of witnessing or experiencing opioid overdose...
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FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Psychedelic Drug Trials
July 22, 2023   

While there is still much to learn about the potential therapeutic benefits and risks of these substances, the guidance document provides a framework for conducting clinical investigations that can help to ensure that these drugs are developed in a safe and effective manner…
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Psychedelics and PTSD
July 19, 2023   

At this moment, of the two drugs, MDMA-assisted psychotherapy has shown the most promise as a treatment for PTSD and recently gained even more traction after successful phase 3 trials. Specifically, a recent study conducted by Dr. Jennifer Mitchell and her colleagues at MAPS found that MDMA-assisted psychotherapy resulted in..
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Stimulant Treatment in Youth Not Associated With Substance Use Later in Life
July 16, 2023   

Childhood attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is linked to elevated substance use and substance use disorder (SUD) in adulthood. Stimulant medications are commonly used to treat ADHD and are thought to reduce substance use due to their efficacy in controlling impulsivity. However, early exposure to stimulants may sensitize individuals to other drugs and increase the risk of harmful substance use...
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Patterns in Nicotine Dependence Prevalence
July 6, 2023   

Smoking remains a leading global cause of preventable death and disease, claiming over 8 million lives annually, according to the World Health Organization. In the United States alone, smoking accounts for nearly half a million deaths each year, including deaths from second-hand smoke, making it the primary preventable cause of death in the country....
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