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HHS Announces $3 Billion In Funds For Mental Health And Substance Abuse Block Grants
May 19, 2021   

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announces $3 billion in American Rescue Plan Funding for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Block Grants to address mental health and substance abuse. This is the largest aggregate amount of funding to date for....
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FDA Approves Higher Dosage of Naloxone Nasal Spray to Treat Opioid Overdose
April 30, 2021   

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved Kloxxado (naloxone hydrochloride) nasal spray 8mg for its emergency treatment of known or suspected opioid overdose...
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PsychopharmaStahlogy Show: Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy
March 30, 2021   

The PsychopharmaStahlogy Show is a special podcast series released on the NEI Podcast. In the first three part series, Dr. Andrew Cutler asks Dr. Stephen Stahl important questions relating to psychedelic assisted psychotherapy as a novel approach to the treatment of psychiatric disorders...
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Methamphetamine Overdose Deaths in the US by Sex and Race and Ethnicity
February 17, 2021   

Rates of drug overdose involving methamphetamine have increased tremendously in the past decade. Work by Han and colleagues explored the extent to which methamphetamine overdose death rates in the United States (US) differed as a function of sex, race, and ethnicity using...
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Buprenorphine for Meth Addiction?
February 4, 2021   

Methamphetamine use disorder is a growing problem across the United States and the world. Unlike with opioid use disorder, there is currently no pharmacological treatment or medication assisted therapy for methamphetamine abuse. For methamphetamine use disorder, treatment is...
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Bidirectional Genetic Associations Between Prescription Opioid Use And Major Depressive Disorder
December 7, 2020   

Opioid use is often comorbid with major depressive disorder and anxiety and stress-related disorders. Determining the direction and potentially causative effects of these associations would be valuable to prevention strategies. Mendelian randomization, which uses single nucleotide variants as unconfounded proxies for exposures to estimate...
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Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy in Major Depressive Disorder
November 17, 2020   

Although the glutamatergic agent ketamine has been shown to provide rapid reductions in symptoms of depression and suicidality, the therapeutic effects of ketamine are short-lived and ketamine itself is associated with a toxicity and addiction liability. Psilocybin is a classic...
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2020 NEI Max! Highlight: What to Do When Your Patient is Using Methamphetamine
November 7, 2020   

Inspired by audience questions at NEI live meetings over recent years, ‘Breaking Bad: What To Do When Your Patient is Using Methamphetamine’ was developed to address the numerous clinical scenarios that can be complicated by methamphetamine use and abuse...
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2020 NEI Max! Highlight: Is Cannabis a Friend or Foe?
November 5, 2020   

In this timely and fascinating presentation, Dr. Andrew Cutler and psychiatric nurse practitioner, Deb York discuss interactions with cannabis and psychiatric medications. Marijuana is the most used psychotropic drug in the US, after alcohol, and with the recent recreational legalization laws...
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2020 NEI Max! Highlight: FBI Profiling of Serial Killers
November 4, 2020   

In this incredible presentation, Dr. Charles Scott fascinated the NEI Forensic Academy audience with a historical and current view of serial killer profiling. Starting with Dr. Brussel’s profiling of the “Mad Bomber” in the 1950’s through investigators’ profiling of the “BTK” killer in the 1970s and beyond...
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