Screening for Eating Disorders in Patients with Bipolar Disorder
September 25, 2023   

Bipolar disorder (BD) is a prevalent and debilitating psychiatric condition frequently co-occurring with other disorders, including eating disorders (EDs). A recent study aimed to explore the prevalence and clinical associations of EDs in individuals with BD, with a particular focus on differences between BD type 1 and BD type 2.

The study analyzed data from 2,929 patients diagnosed with BD, drawn from the FondaMental Advanced Centers of Expertise – Bipolar Disorder (FACE-BD) cohort

The Key Findings Can Be Summarized In The Table Below
Key Findings Results
Prevalence of EDs in BD 16% of BD patients had a lifetime diagnosis of an ED, which is approximately twice as high as the prevalence in the general population.
Differences Between BD Types BD type 2 had a higher prevalence of comorbid EDs (20.6%) compared to BD type 1 (12.4%).
Clinical Characteristics of BD-ED Comorbidity Patients with comorbid BD and EDs exhibited more severe clinical profiles, including increased mood instability, higher rates of alcohol use disorders, anxiety disorders, more frequent depressive episodes, rapid cycling, increased suicidality, and poorer response to medication.
Implications for Treatment Integrated care for individuals with comorbid BD and EDs is essential.
Tailored treatment approaches that address both conditions concurrently may be crucial for improving outcomes for these patients.

In conclusion, this study highlights the substantial comorbidity between BD and EDs and suggests that the presence of EDs may vary between BD subtypes. The clinical implications are profound, emphasizing the need for integrated care for individuals with comorbid BD and EDs. Tailored treatment approaches that address both conditions concurrently may be essential in improving outcomes for these patients.


Flaudia V et al. Journal of Effective Disorders 2023;335,177-185. Abstract

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