2020 NEI Max! Highlight: Who Says Learning Has to Be Boring?
November 8, 2020   

2020 NEI Max | Virtual
November 7, 2020

     Education Through Entertainment
     Presented by Andrew J. Cutler, MD

Wrapping up the 2020 NEI Max! conference, we tried something new and unique to NEI! Our NEI Focuser videos are typically played before standard NEI presentations in order to gear the audience up for the information that is about to be presented. In the Education Through Entertainment session hosted by Dr. Andrew Cutler on Sunday at NEI Max!, we took some of our fan-favorite NEI focuser videos and used them to create an entire presentation that was as educational as it was entertaining! From “Michael Axon” singing about why amyloid beta is “BAD” to “Tina Neuron” explaining the “Proud D3” receptor; “Katy Perry” gave us the entire neurobiology of the sleep-wake circuit in less than 3 minutes and “Hello”, we hope everyone was listening to “Adele” croon about the critical need to screen ALL patients with depression for symptoms of (hypo)mania and family history of mood disorders. The power of music for increasing learning should never be underestimated! Check out our wide selection of NEI focuser videos available on the NEI Psychopharm YouTube channel and look forward to new ones!