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2020 NEI Max! Highlight: FBI Profiling of Serial Killers

2020 NEI Max | Virtual
November 4, 2020

     FBI Profiling of Serial Killers: Forward Looking or Fortune Telling?
     Presented by Dr. Charles Scott

In this incredible presentation, Dr. Charles Scott fascinated the NEI Forensic Academy audience with a historical and current view of serial killer profiling. Starting with Dr. Brussel’s profiling of the “Mad Bomber” in the 1950’s through investigators’ profiling of the “BTK” killer in the 1970s and beyond, Dr. Scott’s storytelling style kept listeners completely engaged. Using riveting real case examples throughout, Dr. Scott differentiated serial killers from other types of killers, as well as defining types of profiling and their development, applications, and limitations. Dr. Scott asked the audience to put on their forensic investigator hats and test their own profiling skills in order to demonstrate how inexact the science can be. This was truly a can’t-miss session for both mental health professionals and for anyone interested in forensic psychiatry alike.

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