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How Sleep Loss Amplifies Pain
November 20, 2023   

Chronic pain, a pervasive condition affecting 11–40% of adults, is often accompanied by anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. Despite empirical evidence linking disturbed sleep to heightened pain sensitivity, the mechanisms...
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Sleep Disturbance May Predict Increased Risk of Suicidal Thoughts
September 12, 2023   

It is well established, as illustrated in the figure above, that abnormalities in the circadian sleep/wake cycle can lead to impairments across a broad spectrum of physiological and mental functions. New research suggests poor sleep may also act as an acute risk factor for suicidal thoughts the next day among young adults already vulnerable to suicide...
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High-Quality Sleep Promotes Resilience to Depression and Anxiety
July 27, 2023   

Chronic stress, and an individual’s resilience in handling it, can greatly impact mental health. One variable that affects an individual’s response to stress is cognitive emotion regulation, which requires a certain amount of executive control. Adaptive cognitive emotion regulation strategies ..
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Sleep-Disordered Breathing Tied to Brain Volumes in Amyloid-Positive Older Adults
June 19, 2023   

Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) has been associated with increased amyloid deposition and dementia risk; however, the details of that relationship are yet to be fully evident. A recent study investigated SDB and volume of medial temporal lobe subregions (associated with episodic memory and often affected in AD) and the impact of amyloid beta pathology in ..
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Sleep Problems in Childhood & Adolescence Linked to Psychiatric Symptoms
April 24, 2023   

Sleep problems in childhood can increase the risk of developing a psychiatric disorder later in life. An observational cohort study characterized individual changes in profiles of sleep problems and their prospective associations with psychopathology symptoms across the transition from childhood (9–11 years old; baseline) to early adolescence (11–13 years old; follow-up)....
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2023 NEI Synapse: Sleep Issues During Pregnancy and Postpartum
April 1, 2023   

At the 2023 NEI Synapse, Dr. Jade Wu presented a lecture on sleep disturbances during and after pregnancy. Dr. Wu focused on potential causes of sleep disruptions during pregnancy, which include physical discomfort, decreased physical activity, and frequent urination..
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Sleep Complaints in MDD Flag Risk for Other Psychiatric Disorders
March 10, 2023   

Sleep disturbances have been associated with many different psychiatric disorders. In a recent study, the incidence of psychiatric disorders following sleep complaints in adults with major depressive episode (MDE) was examined. A large, nationally representative 3-year prospective survey was administered...
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Sleep Abnormalities in Different Clinical Stages of Psychosis
February 12, 2023   

Sleep disturbances among those who experience psychotic episodes have been well documented throughout the history of psychiatry. Recently, several studies investigating sleep-specific EEG oscillations and spindles in individuals with psychosis reported decreases in various spindle parameters suggesting that sleep disturbances contribute to psychotic episodes...
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Benzodiazepines Tied to Drug Overdose in Young People With Sleep Disorders
December 15, 2022   

In a recent cohort study, the relationship benzodiazepines versus alternative medications prescribed for sleep disorders and increased risk of drug overdose in adolescents was examined. The study included participants diagnosed with a sleeping disorder between the age of 10 to 29 years of age between January...
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Faculty Friday: Meet Dr. Jade Wu
July 22, 2022   

Welcome to Faculty Friday, where we spotlight NEI Faculty to learn a little more about them and showcase their contributions to NEI's psychopharmacology education...
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