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FDA Warns Orally Dissolving Buprenorphine Tied to Dental Problems
January 12, 2022   

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning that dental problems have been reported with medicines containing buprenorphine that are dissolved in the mouth. The dental problems, including tooth decay, cavities, oral infections, and loss of teeth, can be serious and have been reported even in patients with no history of dental issues...
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Telehealth Treatment of Patients With Borderline Personality Disorder Safe and Effective
November 15, 2021   

The first study reporting on the comparative efficacy, acceptability, and safety of in-person and telehealth partial hospital program services for patients with borderline personality disorder was published recently in...
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2021 NEI Congress Young Investigator Poster Competition Winners
November 5, 2021   

The 2021 NEI Congress Scientific Poster Session and Reception was held on Friday, November 5th and featured 67 posters, with an additional 48 posters presented virtually, covering the full spectrum of mental health research and clinical data. Among them, three particularly stood out for the quality of their data and contributions to the field, and...
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Pediatricians, Psychiatrists, Children’s Hospitals Declare Emergency in Child Mental Health
October 21, 2021   

The Academy of Pediatrics, The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and the Children’s Hospital Association have declared a national emergency in the mental health of children and adolescents, stating the pandemic is a leading factor driving this crisis...
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Association Between Antipsychotic Use and COVID-19 Mortality Among People With Serious Mental Illness
October 11, 2021   

Patients with schizophrenia who become infected with the COVID-19 virus are at increased risk of death. The authors of this retrospective study sought to investigate whether this increased risk in mortality was mediated by antipsychotic use...
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Prevalence and Trends in Suicidal Behavior Among US Military Veterans During the COVID-19 Pandemic
September 10, 2021   

There is great concern that the COVID-19 pandemic and all it includes (such as social isolation, financial hardship, unemployment, and fear of infection) may increase the incidence of mental health issues and suicidality. This is especially a concern in veterans, a population already at increased risk for mental health issues and suicidality. In this population-based, prospective cohort study, analyzing data from...
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Shared Cultural Values Influence Mental Health Help-Seeking Behaviors
July 16, 2021   

Although Asian and Latinx young adults may be at higher risk of mental health issues, alarming data suggests that such individuals are less likely to see and receive mental health care services. There are several suggestions to explain this discrepancy. “Familism”, which is a duty to one’s family, may have the pros of supportive family ties but may also have...
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PsychopharmaStahlogy Show: Treatment-Resistant Depression and Suicide Prevention
June 18, 2021   

The PsychopharmaStahlogy Show is a special podcast series released on the NEI Podcast. In the second three part series, Dr. Stephen Stahl addresses treatment-resistant depression and suicide prevention along side experts, Dr. Andrew Cutler, Dr. Roger McIntyre, and Dr. Christine Moutier...
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Addressing Mental Healthcare in the LGBTQ Community
June 11, 2021   

NEI sat down with Drs. Rhonda Schwindt and Dr. Stephen Forssell for an expert discussion on disparities in the mental health care of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) individuals...
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Positive School Climate and Suicidality Among LGBTQ Youth
June 9, 2021   

Suicide has been increasing in the adolescent population and most particularly among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) youth. Stigma and discrimination towards sexual and gender minorities are thought to increase depressive symptoms that may in turn bring about suicidality. Given the ...
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