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Scale May Detect More Than Depression in Early Pregnancy
February 8, 2021   

Postpartum depression continues to be prevalent, while early detection methods can help prevent this mental health condition. In a recent study, 2,271 antenatal women participated in a study that tested the efficacy of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale...
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Offspring of Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Have Increased Risk Of Psychiatric Disorders
September 21, 2020   

A new, a population-based cohort study has found that children who are born to women who are living with polycystic ovary syndrome have an increased risk of psychiatric disorders....
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Maternal Use of Specific Antidepressant Medications During Early Pregnancy and the Risk of Selected Birth Defects
August 28, 2020   

Between 6% and 8% of United States pregnant women are prescribed antidepressants. However, concerns remain about the adverse effects of antidepressants on fetal and infant health, including birth defect risk after early pregnancy exposure. The current study addresses this concern by examining the...
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FDA Recalls Extended-Release Metformin Due to Detection of NMDA
June 5, 2020   

The Food and Drug Administration has asked companies to voluntarily recall a specific type metformin over a potential cancer risk. The FDA announced that a high level of N-Nitrosodimethylamine, which is linked to cancer, was found in...
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Public Views of Mental Illness Are Increasingly Associated with Violence
October 22, 2019   

In a recent study, trends in public perceptions of violence and support for coerced treatment across a twenty-two-year period were examined. Data was...
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Metformin Use During Pregnancy May Affect Growth of Offspring
September 12, 2019   

A recent systematic review and meta-analysis compares metformin to insulin for treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus and how it each may alter the growth trajectories from the time of fetal exposure to childhood. Despite...
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FDA Approves First Medication for Postpartum Depression
March 21, 2019   

Postpartum depression (PPD) is an often-debilitating major depressive episode occurring in the postnatal period and affects a significant portion of women (~20% of new mothers). Unfortunately, standard antidepressant treatments are often ineffective for PPD and may leave the mother at risk of causing harm to herself or to her infant. It is therefore exciting news that the FDA has approved the first treatment specifically for PPD...
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The HPA Axis and Peripartum Depression
October 16, 2018   

Many dramatic physiological changes happen during and after pregnancy that may cause the upsurge in risk of psychiatric disorders that occurs during the perinatal period. ...
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Lithium Use During Pregnancy and Maternal and Infant Outcomes
July 13, 2018   

Lithium is a staple and highly effective medication for the treatment of bipolar disorder; however, past data have indicated somewhat mixed data regarding the teratogenic effects of lithium use during pregnancy...
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Placental Biology and Genetic Risk for Schizophrenia
June 18, 2018   

In a recent study, the relationship between placenta biology and genetic risk for schizophrenia in the presence of early-life complications (ELCs) was examined...
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