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Highlights From the 2022 NEI Synapse: Optimizing Treatment for Patients With Schizophrenia
April 22, 2022   

At the 2022 NEI Synapse, Dr. Leslie Citrome delivered multiple clinically relevant presentations that provided key practical takeaways for any clinician who is striving to optimize functioning for their patients with schizophrenia...
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FDA Approves First Orally Dissolving Sublingual Film For Schizophrenia-Associated Agitation
April 6, 2022   

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved an orally dissolving sublingual film for mild, moderate or severe agitation in patients with schizophrenia or bipolar I or II disorder. ...
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World Bipolar Day Is Celebrated Each Year On March 30th
March 29, 2022   

World Bipolar Day is celebrated each year on March 30th. World Bipolar Day's ultimate goal is to inspire a global shift in thinking that will eliminate social stigma and promote acceptance...
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Stabilizing Circadian Rhythm Tied To Lower Suicide Risk In Bipolar Disorder
January 21, 2022   

Circadian rhythm instabilities are associated with bipolar symptom severity and increased suicide risk. In a recent study, a 12-week social rhythm therapy, delivered predominantly via telehealth was tested in adolescents and young adults with bipolar disorder. The primary goal was to...
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FDA Approves New Indication of Lumateperone for Bipolar Depression
December 20, 2021   

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has expanded approval of lumateperone (Caplyta) to include treatment of adults with depressive episodes associated with bipolar I and II disorder, as monotherapy or adjunctive therapy with lithium or valproate...
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Postpartum Anhedonia: Emergent Patterns in Bipolar and Unipolar Depression
December 7, 2021   

Anhedonia, the lack of interest in previously pleasurable activities, is sometimes a symptom of depression and has been associate with worse outcomes. In this study, Gollan and colleagues looked at anhedonia in postpartum women with either unipolar postpartum depression...
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Do Psychiatric Disorders Present With Distinct or Shared Gut Microbial Alterations?
October 4, 2021   

Several lines of evidence suggest an involvement of the gut microbiota in the pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders, albeit with contradictory results. A review and meta-analysis of studies examining alpha and beta diversity and relative abundance of gut microbes in adult psychiatric populations...
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FDA Approves a New Atypical Antipsychotic With Less Adverse Effects
June 2, 2021   

The US Food and Drug Administration announced their approval of Alkermes’ combination of olanzapine and samidorphan, for the treatment of adults with schizophrenia and/or bipolar I disorder...
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Mood Disorder Patients Experience Seasonal Changes In Varying Degrees
April 22, 2021   

Seasonal affective disorder is defined as depression that occurs with seasonality -typically occurring in the autumn and winter months and remitting in spring and summer. It is thought to be pathophysiologically related to circadian misalignment and can often be effectively treated, or even prevented, with light therapy and/or bupropion. Given that...
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Guidelines For The Use Of Ketamine For Treatment-Resistant Depression
April 12, 2021   

An international expert opinion on the use of ketamine for treatment-resistant depression was recently published. Although the various formulations of ketamine have not been compared directly in randomized controlled trials, intranasal esketamine and intravenous ketamine have the strongest evidence of short-term efficacy and safety in patients with ..
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