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Retraction of JAMA Study Regarding Link Between Autism and Male Brain
April 22, 2019   

An article published in JAMA Psychiatry back in 2017, has issued a notice of retraction and replacement on a study that claimed to find a link between typical male brain anatomy and autism...
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Evidence for Neuroprogression in Untreated Depression: Microglial Activation
March 23, 2018   

New brain imaging research from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) shows that the brain alters after years of persistent depression...
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NIH Releases First Dataset from ABCD Study on Adolescent Brain Development
March 3, 2018   

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) released the first data from 4,500 participants in the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study....
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Greater Cortical Thickness in Elderly Female Yoga Practitioners
July 22, 2017   

Yoga, mind-body activity has been associated with positive changes in brain structure and function, especially in areas related to attention, executive functions, and memory. Normal aging corresponds with structural and functional brain changes, that involve decreased cognitive function. In a recent cross-sectional study...
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Probiotic Found in Yogurt Can Reverse Depression Symptoms in Mice
March 17, 2017   

New research has shown that depressive symptoms and behaviors in mice were reversed when the mice were given food containing the probiotic bacteria lactobacillus...
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Transient Opening of the Blood-Brain-Barrier: Implications for Neuroprotection and Drug Delivery
November 8, 2016   

The blood brain barrier (BBB) is known as a hallmark for normal brain vascularization. The highly selective nature of the BBB separates the circulating blood from the extracellular fluid in the brain in the CNS. Unfortunately, the specialized selective interface of the BBB renders it challenging...
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Back to Basics: Competitive Elimination and Risk of Mental Illness
August 2, 2016   

During pubescence and adolescence, a period known as competitive elimination occurs, with extensive synaptic pruning and restructuring, particularly with respect to glutamate and GABA synapses. An appropriate balance of excitatory-inhibitory synapses is essential to proper late-stage brain maturation. Thus, any aberrations that occur in this process may confer risk for disorders related to brain dysconnectivity.
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Genetic Links to Cannabis Dependence
April 25, 2016   

In a recent genome-wide association study, experts identified three genetic markers that may increase a person's risk of developing cannabis dependence (CAD). The study involved 14,754 participants from 3 independent substance dependence cohorts including 2 ancestral populations. Depending on the cohort, between 18% and 36% had CAD. Analysis identified three independent regions...
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Treating Sugar Addiction Like Drug Abuse
April 15, 2016   

In a recent study by Shariff et al., three FDA-approved drugs that act on the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) were tested in Wistar rats for reducing short-term (4 weeks) and long-term (12 weeks) intermittent sucrose consumption. Acetylcholine binds to nAchRs in the nucleus accumbens (NAc) and modulates the release of dopamine (DA) in the NAc and ventral tegmental area (VTA)...
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