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Use of Benzodiazepines or Z-drugs Not Associated With Subsequent Dementia
May 19, 2020   

Benzodiazepines and Z-drugs are indicated for treatment of affective disorders and insomnia. Due to cognitive side effects of these treatments, their use has been investigated as risk factors for dementia. However, previous investigations have yielded conflicting results...
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Anticholinergic Medications Linked to Risk of Dementia
July 22, 2019   

Dementia, especially of the Alzheimer type, is linked to severe loss of cholinergic neurons and the available treatments for Alzheimer's disease include several cholinesterase inhibitors, which increase available acetylcholine in the brain. However, there are several medications with...
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Remember to Sleep: Circadian Function in Alzheimer's Disease
July 2, 2019   

Alzheimer's disease affects approximately 44 million individuals worldwide. This age-related disease is characterized by accumulation of extracellular plaques composed of beta-amyloid protein, intracellular neurofibrillary tangles composed of hyperphosporylated tau protein, severe neuronal loss, and aggressive neuroinflammation. There is currently...
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Trials of Aducanumab in Alzheimer's Disease Are Being Discontinued
March 31, 2019   

Biogen and Eisai recently announced their decision to halt Phase 3 clinical trials, ENGAGE and EMERGE. The studies were originally designed to assess the efficacy and safety of aducanumab in patients with...
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Music Hath Charms to Soothe Patients with Dementia
March 19, 2019   

In patients with dementia, neuropsychiatric symptoms (including agitation, anxiety, apathy, and depression) are often the most troubling to both patients and caregivers and may drive earlier institutionalization. With no available disease-modifying treatments available for Alzheimer's disease, clinicians and caregivers rely...
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Stahl's Illustrated Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias
November 16, 2018   

The latest volume of the Stahl's Illustrated book series, "Stahl's Illustrated Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias" debuted at the 2018 NEI Congress and...
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FDA Finds No Unexpected Safety Risk With Pimavanserin
September 24, 2018   

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently completed an extensive review of all postmarking reports of serious adverse events (SAEs) and deaths linked to the use of Nuplazid (pimavanserin)...
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Tentative Hope for an Anti-amyloid Antibody
August 3, 2018   

With no effective agent yet available for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD), Phase 2b clinical trial results for a novel agent (BAN2401) have recently offered tentative hope...
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Pointing a Finger at Parkinson's Disease Dementia
January 12, 2018   

As many as 80% of patients with Parkinson's disease develop dementia (PDD)—a dementia that can be somewhat difficult to distinguish from Alzheimer's disease (AD). Appropriate diagnosis is key to planning as well as future application of disease-modifying treatments...
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Reducing Dementia Risk Through Lifestyle Changes: New Research
July 31, 2017   

In a newly published report by The Lancet Commission, the authors review the evidence for potentially modifiable factors that may help to reduce the risk of dementia...
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