"The NEI program has catalyzed my transformation from a dyed-in-the-wool psychoanalyst to a more general psychiatrist, with a special interest in psychopharmacology. Thanks to NEI's conferences, books, and online educational resources, I now think of myself as an excellent psychiatrist equipped with the best of the psychoanalytic point of view and the latest in modern psychopharmacotherapy."

William R. Lynch, MD
Santiago, Chile

"It is a transcending experience to participate in the Neuroscience Education Institute. NEI performs an incredible role in developing clinical psychopharmacology education. This experience has been a great addition to my professional development as a psychiatrist, physician, and pharmacist."

Roberto Tabak, M.D.
Santiago, Chile

"I have actively followed NEI for years, and no other teaching service does more to improve both scientific understanding and clinical competence. The consistent quality of the lessons makes me look forward to each one."

Samuel Gary Lusk, M.D.

"The Neuroscience Education Institute remains my primary source of authoritative information about psychopharmacology that is clear, concise and non-biased. The annual NEI Congress has provided me with invaluable information that is immediately useful in my practice, giving me a "leg up" on usual and customary practitioners. NEI website tutorials, teamed with Dr. Stahl's well known books and articles, make NEI the premier source of psychopharmacology education in the world."

Dr. Sharon Morgillo Freeman, PhD, PMHCNS-BC
CEO, Center for Brief Therapy, P.C

"As a Master in Addiction Medicine, I continually search for new ways to increase my knowledge. NEI provides a fantastic way to do this. Not being one to sit still and listen for hours, I use the short articles, snippets, and drills provided on the NEI Web site. The diverse teaching methods are satisfying and enriching."

Dr. M.E. Janssen van Raay, MD, MPH, MiAM
Rotterdam, Netherlands

"I am so impressed with the exceptional quality of continuing medical education that I receive from NEI. As a busy professional with multiple responsibilities, I appreciate also the choice and convenience of learning in different modalities, everything from illustrated traditional neuropsychopharmacology books with post-tests to on-line education."

Stephen Michael Cox, MD
National Anxiety Foundation, President
Addiction Bioscience International, Ltd. Medical Science Advisor

"I love the NEI Web site. It's my "go to" source when I need to prepare a lecture, find patient information handouts, or access reference materials for my daily clinical work. The graphics NEI uses are fabulous and help make complex concepts much easier to understand. Thank you so much for this valuable resource!"

Dr. Carolina Nisenoff, Maj, USAF, MC
Staff Psychiatrist

"I wish to express my sincere thanks for the assistance given to me during the NEI Master Psychopharmacology program. Special thanks to the NEI team for an exciting and extraordinary program."

Dr. Godfrey Sears, PsyD

"The educational experience at the NEI Psychopharmacology Congress is as exhilarating as it is informative. Research-based content, emerging knowledge and collegial dialogue are delivered in a format that both acknowledges us as adult learners and engages us as students that need to participate, be stimulated and have our confidence as clinicians enhanced. Faculty/participant dialogue is egalitarian and respects the diversity of the attendees. Through that educational activity, I learn the essential science and the artful application of that science for the benefit of my patients."

Janet S. D'Arcangelo, PhD, APRN, CS
Advanced Practice Nurse Clinical Specialist, Psychotherapist, Psychopharmacologist, Educator.

"Through NEI, I have gained a new way of understanding psychopharmacology. The hallmark of NEI is its capacity to transform complex neurobiological phenomena into accessible and clinically useful information. This experience added immense meaning to my education in the United States. NEI's online educational resources are still my first way to stay informed about emerging knowledge in psychopharmacology."

Rodrigo Correa, M.D.
Santiago, Chile

"NEI publications, particularly Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology, have been very helpful for me in understanding the mechanism of action of psychoactive agents. My new level of understanding has helped me treat some of my most severely ill and treatment-resistant patients."

Jackson Dempsey, M.D.

"I am a big supporter of NEI and attend ONLY the NEI Global Psychopharmacology Congress each year for my CME. I am always happy with NEI offerings."

William A. Stutts, DO, PhD
Integrated Med-Psych Resources, PC

"My psychiatry practice has completely changed since I began participating in the NEI program. I am now more confident in diagnosis and the correct use of psychotropic drugs. NEI is especially important for me, since Italian psychiatrists are generally more concerned with the study of psychotherapy. I have always wanted further training in psychopharmacology, and NEI has helped me achieve this. I advise my colleagues to join NEI and to take part in the NEI Master Psychopharmacology Program."

Chiara Mattei, MD, PsyD
University of Genoa, Italy