Medical Licensure Questions About Mental Health Are a Potential Barrier to Help-Seeking
October 18, 2017   

A recent study by the Mayo Clinic examined whether medical licensure application questions (MLAQs) about mental health are related to physician’s reluctance to seek help for a mental health condition due to concerns about repercussions to their medical licensure. Initial and renewal licensure applications were collected from medical licensing boards in every state, and data on care-seeking attitudes were acquired by a nationally representative convenience sample of 5, 829 physicians. Nearly 40% of physicians reported that they would be reluctant to seek formal medical care for treatment of a mental health condition because of concerns about repercussions to their medical licensure. The findings suggest that MLAQs regarding mental health conditions present a barrier to physicians seeking help.


>> Dyrbye LN, West CP, Sinsky CA, Goeders LE, Satele DV, Shanafelt TD. Medical Licensure Questions and Physician Reluctance to Seek Care for Mental Health Conditions. Mayo Clin Proc. 2017;92(10):1486-1493.