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To Sleep, Perchance to Learn
February 16, 2017   

Two recent studies in mice suggests that sleep may have much to do with preparing the brain for learning...
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Hypnotic Medications and Suicide Risk
October 20, 2016   

A recent review examined the relationship between FDA-approved hypnotics and increased risk of suicide by examining toxicology data, prospective cohort studies, and detailed case reports for hypnotic-related suicide deaths from the present day to as far back as the 1970s...
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Circadian Rhythm and Homeostatic Drive: Effects on Cognitive Function
September 29, 2016   

Although many aspects of sleep remain undiscovered, it is known that prolonged lack of sleep can cause severe impairments in cognitive function. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation is a part of life for many individuals. The sleep/wake cycle is mediated by 2 opposing drives...
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FDA Approvals: Iloperidone, Buprenorphine Implant, and Insomnia Device
June 21, 2016   

New FDA approvals include iloperidone for maintenance treatment of schizophrenia, a buprenorphine implant for treatment of opioid dependence, and a prescription device for insomnia.
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Study Suggests Increased Risk of Major Birth Defects With Pregabalin
June 17, 2016   

There is often great concern over the use of psychotropic agents in women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant and knowledge of any particular agent's reproductive toxicity are largely based on animal studies. In this prospective study of 820 pregnancies (164 pregabalin-exposed and 656 epileptic-free controls), Winterfeld et al. found an increased risk...
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December News and New Research
December 1, 2014   

The US FDA announced that it is eliminating the pregnancy letter categories, with changes effective June 30, 2015. Other news this month includes the release of new eating disorder guidelines, updated recommendations from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and a warning for a rare but serious rash with ziprasidone.
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October News and New Research
October 1, 2014   

Study authors question if the new DSM-5 criteria for PTSD are complicating access to care for veterans. Other news this month addresses the use of sleep medications in children with ADHD-related insomnia and the FDA advisory panel's vote on the black box warning for varenicline.
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September News and New Research
September 1, 2014   

SSRI discontinuation before pregnancy does not reduce risk of miscarriage, US FDA approves Contrave for weight management, maternal immune activation and increased risk for schizophrenia in offspring, and other news.
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August News and New Research
August 1, 2014   

Eye test as a potential diagnostic tool for ADHD, new guidelines published for the assessment and treatment of violence and aggression, first orexin antagonist approved to treat insomnia, and other news.
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July News and New Research
July 1, 2014   

Certain blood proteins may predict conversion to Alzheimer's disease, sleep deprivation can induce psychosis-like symptoms, autism may be mostly heritable and associated with common variants, and other news.
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