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Highlights from the 2017 APA Annual Meeting
June 8, 2017   

The 2017 APA annual meeting, held in NEI's hometown of San Diego, was themed "Prevention Through Partnership" and included more than 400 sessions. Here, we provide highlights of the meeting, including NEI's podcast interviews with expert presenters, key research from the poster sessions, and NEI's debut live concert--the NEI PsychopharmaJam.
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Federal Court Overturns Florida "Gun-Gag" Law
February 20, 2017   

A federal court has overturned a 2011 Florida law that prohibited physicians from asking their patients about the presence of guns in the home unless it was medically necessary...
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Mobile Apps for Depression: Are They Useful?
January 20, 2017   

There are many mobile apps aimed at patients that are intended as supplemental tools to enhance mental health outcomes, but there is little research as to the effectiveness of such products. To evaluate whether patients use these tools as intended, and whether they impact health outcomes, a group of researchers conducted a randomized controlled trial comparing use patterns and clinical outcomes between 3 self-guided mobile apps for depression...
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February News and New Research
February 1, 2016   

ABPN updates MOC Part IV requirements yet again, RAISE data show cost-effectiveness of coordinated specialty care for first-episode psychosis, FDA grants breakthrough therapy designation for IV NMDA receptor agonist in treatment-resistant depression, and other news.
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October News and New Research
October 1, 2015   

FDA approves long-acting injectable aripiprazole lauroxil, atypical antipsychotic use in first trimester not associated with increased major malformations, conversion to ICD-10, and other news.
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July News and New Research
July 1, 2015   

US FDA approves brexpiprazole, antidepressant/NSAID combination and risk of intracranial hemorrhage, SPECT imaging may distinguish PTSD from TBI, and other news.
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March News and New Research
March 1, 2015   

US FDA approves asenapine to treat pediatric bipolar mania, new therapeutic dose of vilazodone approved, individuals with ADHD have twice the risk of premature death, and other news.
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April News and New Research
April 1, 2014   

Increased risk of self-harm in children taking higher doses of antidepressants, potential therapeutic potential for ketamine in PTSD, creation of bipolar stem cells, and other news.
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February News and New Research
February 1, 2014   

This month's headlines include depression as an official heart disease risk factor, a quick guide for reconciling the new ICD-10 and DSM-5, and risks related to bipolar disorder during pregnancy.
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