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NIH Scientists Watch the Brain’s Lining Heal After Head Injury
April 27, 2018   

In a recent study, Dr. McGavern and colleagues used state-of-the-art imaging tools to watch, in real time the healing process meninges in a mouse model of traumatic brain injury (TBI)...
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Pseudobulbar Affect Correlates with Mood Symptoms in Parkinsonian Disorders but not Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
April 2, 2018   

Pseudobulbar affect (PBA) is a psychiatric disorder characterized by inappropriate laughter and crying, independent of mood. PBA is common in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and is becoming...
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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Aggression, Impulsivity, and History of Other- and Self-Directed Aggression
March 30, 2018   

Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) is highly prevalent in the United States, with an estimated 1.3 million reported annually. One of the major consequences of mTBI...
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Blood Biomarker May Help Predict Recovery Time for Sports Concussions
March 24, 2017   

Researchers discovered that the blood protein tau may be a potential objective tool to assess athlete recovery and the most appropriate time to return to play...
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Concussion in Children: New Data
January 11, 2017   

New studies address the association between early exercise following acute concussion and persistent postconcussive symptoms in children and adolescents as well as auditory biological markers of concussion in children.
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Collaborative Care for Persistent Postconcussive Symptoms in Adolescents
December 8, 2016   

Sports-related concussions are often associated with postconcussive psychological symptoms, yet there is no evidence-based treatment for postconcussive symptoms in children and adolescents. A recent study tested a collaborative care intervention model...
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Glia-Mediated Brain Inflammation after Repeated Concussions Detected In Vivo
December 1, 2016   

Microglia, the immune cells of the central nervous system, play a primary role in the brain’s response to injury and neurodegenerative processes. Single and repeated traumatic brain injuries may result in microglial activation...
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Novel MRI Screening Is Sensitive to Intracranial Hemorrhage for Well-Appearing Infants at Risk for Abusive Head Trauma
April 27, 2016   

Abusive head trauma (AHT) in infants, if misdiagnosed, can result in serious medical consequences, even death. In a 1999 study, 31% of infants diagnosed with AHT had been evaluated by a physician after the injury occurred, but were originally misdiagnosed as having viral gastroenteritis and viral syndrome. Of the five deaths in the study, four were considered to be preventable...
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June News and New Research
June 1, 2014   

Concussion prevention partnership between NCAA and DoD, melatonin augmentation may mitigate antipsychotic-induced metabolic effects, US FDA clears first medical device for restless legs syndrome (RLS), and other headlines.
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